Sunday 12th August 2018

Officers and Committee


Sir Thomas Ingilby Bt, Ripley Castle

Hon Veterinary Surgeons

Cross Green Veterinary Centre, Otley     Bishopton Veterinary Group, Ripon

Hon Physician

Mr Michael Smith, Ripley
Dr Cat Marshall, Harrogate

Hon Solicitor: R Rusby, York & Harrogate
Hon Treasurer: Carole McLelland
Auditors: The Barker Partnership
Ring Co-ordinators: F R Houseman, A Walmsley
Health & Safety Officer: G Summersgill, Harriet Scott
Trophy Secretaries: Olivia Spilman, Harriet Scott
Chairman: Mr Andrew Walmsley
Vice Chairman: To be confirmed

A Atkinson, S Blayney, K Bowes, A Brown, A Brown, A Chalk, C Cockshott, E Cutting, A Finney, R Hawkhead, R Heptonstall, F R Houseman, F M Houseman, Sir Thomas Ingilby, P Kilford, J Kilford, A Kitchingman, C Lamb, S Liddle, M Liddle, A Liddle, R Lock, S Locke, C Mc Lelland,, P Mitchell, M Mitchell, K Palmer, J Park, J C Parker, R Parker, M Prest, G Phillips, A Rodgers, N Rolfe, R Rusby, M Sayer F Scatchard, H Scott, F M Skelton, A Smith, C Smith, K Smith, M Smith, M Smith, N Spedding, B Swales, O Spilman, T Stockil, B Umpleby, I Voakes, P Voakes, A Walmsley, H Walmsley, J Walmsley, K Walmsley, P Walmsley, W Walmsley, Y Walmsley, P Wharmby, L Wilson, B Wrigglesworth.

Hon Life Members

F Scatchard, F R Houseman, S Britton, A Clapham, R W Goddard, Miss K Smith, N Spedding, M Smith, Mrs H Walmsley, Mrs F M Skelton, Mrs J Rawson-Lax, Mrs M J Liddle, N Rolfe, E Knightson, Mrs B Swales, Mrs R Ward, J C Parker, K Walmsley, Mrs E Carver, W Walmsley, Mrs B Swales, K Palmer, Mrs M Houseman, K Palmer


Hon Secretary: Miss Tammy Smith
3 Waterfront Mews
Apperley Bridge
Bradford BD10 0UR
07519 585475
Trade Stand Secretary: To be confirmed
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